Sizing Up your Phoenix Air Ducts


Whether you’re heating or cooling your abode, your air ducts deliver all that air through your house. There’s a reason that “Ventilation” gets a part in the HVAC abbreviation—it’s the wheels to the HVAC system’s engine. Without a good ventilation system, all that warmed up air is going nowhere.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that you install ducts right the first time. Did you know that air duct leakage can account for up to 25% of a house’s energy loss? That’s your money going into your air ducts and then seeping through the walls of your house. It not only compromises your comfort, but also your air quality.

Air ducts that are undersized or improperly arranged can staunch air flow and lower efficiency, leading to an improperly ventilated house. Many professional contractors who looked at just-installed air ducts made the observation that many of the ventilation systems were improperly arranged, or worse, had siding that leaked. Kinked ducts, or air ducts that run too long can all restrict air flow and hurt the HVAC system’s efficiency. Air filter grills can also be improperly installed, which means that air not only isn’t cleaned, but can be restricting air flow.

HVAC systems with improperly insulated and improperly hung ducts will have a much shorter lifespan and much more serious problems. Your air ducts are the lifeline to your house—it’s a job you don’t want to skimp on.



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